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Portable Oxygen Concentrators

Oxy-Go is ready to go when you are.......

Oxy‐Go and Oxy‐Go Fit, portable oxygen concentrators (POCs), are lightweight medical devices that can make the medical oxygen your doctor prescribed from the air around you. With Oxy‐Go, you never need to worry about running out of oxygen and you don’t need to carry heavy tanks! Oxy‐Go is different from other POCs because it shows you exactly how much time you have left on the battery, and you can change the battery easily. You can also charge Oxy‐Go and use at the same time – either in the car or at home! Oxy‐Go is also clinically validated to be used 24/7 so it can supply the medical oxygen you need at home or on the go!

Call today to schedule your FREE oxygen assessment with Carolina Homecare's Respiratory Therapist!

Carolina Homecare Offers the Oxy-Go and it comes with the following:

  • Car charger
  •  Standard 4.5 hour battery
  • Nasal cannula
  • Stylish carry bag
  • AC/DC wall charger
  • Quick start guide

Please contact us and we’ll be happy to answer your questions. See the Carolina Homecare online catalog for a complete list of our respiratory products.